Australian Regional Copernicus Hub - Contributed Code


The code described here is contributed by the community of users of the Australian Regional Copernicus Data Hub. The Hub is a server for serving out satellite imagery from the Sentinel satellites of the European Copernicus program, for the Australasian and South-East Asian region. The hub itself is homed at

The contributed code here has come from members of the hub consortium, and other interested parties.

The code is generally intended to support Linux. Some of it will also work on Windows and other systems, but not all. If there is interest in supporting anything other than Linux, please raise an Issue on the Github site.


The code is available as a tarball from GitHub. The source code repository is also hosted there.

Release notes for each version are available at Release Notes.

To install and run, follow the instructions in the given INSTALL.txt and USAGE.txt files.

It requires Python, numpy, and GDAL with Python bindings. The generated client-side download scripts assume the existence of the curl command, which is generally bundled with Linux.

Client-side Code

A number of code components have been contributed for client access to the server. See Client Side Access

Hub Management

A number of code components have been contributed for management of the server itself. See Hub Management.

Imagery Metadata Classes

A number of Python classes have been written to access ESA’s metadata, as supplied by a range of XML files. They are arranged in modules for each Sentinel number.

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