Hub Management

Maintaining Directory Structure

A main Python script is provided to move the downloaded zipfiles into the final directory structure, and create the associated XML and PNG files for each one. The main script is It takes a --help option to give full commandline help.

This main script makes heavy use of modules in the auscophub package. The auscophub.dirstruct module provides routines for generating the directory structure and associated XML and PNG files. The auscophub.sen1meta and auscophub.sen2meta modules decode relevant metadata from within the zipfiles.

Sentinel-2 Downloads from Amazon AWS

A set of scripts is provided to manage downloading of Sentinel-2 zip files directly from the Amazon AWS zip file bucket. The main script involved is This is run from a cron job given in the bash script, which shows how it is used. It also makes use of, to search the ESA Scihub server for what zip files are relevant to our region of interest.